Experience a slightly different style of Japanese-ness. A variety of encounters await you at TIGHT, a bar full of new experiences.
One defining feature of this bar is its narrow interior, with just five seats.
A diverse array of people from Japan and abroad gather to enjoy this narrow bar.
Come to this unique, friendly spot in Japan and experience firsthand Japan's unique culture and mindset.
Your love for Japan will surely grow.



3 minutes walk from the Shibuya station
mon-sat 18:00~02:00

MAGNERS Irish cider
HENDRICK’S Gin and Tonic
Original Brandy splitzur
Moscow Mule


The concept of tipping does not exist in Japan.
Instead, there is a cover charge that is incurred when you enter.
Most bars in Japan use this fee-based system, but this bar is completely no-charge.
You can enjoy your time here with a 0-yen cover charge, making it easy to drop by and join us.

Nonbei Yokocho Alley here in Shibuya is gaining attention around the world as a hot tourist location for visitors to Japan.
It can be found by walking a bit down the street past the famous busy and bustling diagonal crosswalk in Shibuya.
Located near the station, the area leaves a slightly different impression on people compared to the atmosphere in the city center.
Visitors from countless countries make their way here to enjoy spirits and cuisine, exclaiming, "Now this is truly Japan!"
Please stop by on your trip to Japan, or if you happen to be in the neighborhood during your activities in Japan.

  • A tasteful appearance.
    Passing through the door, you will see just over 10 seats at the counter.
    The friendly proprietress will warmly greet you with oden.
    This restaurant only features oden, but sashimi as well as appetizers can be brought in from the sister restaurant.

  • A clean exterior with a beautifully arranged interior.
    A modern, stylish restaurant where outstanding Japanese cuisine is beautifully paired with drinks such as wine.
    The mature atmosphere is perfect for dining alone, or when accompanied by a date.

  • This expansive casual bar features a different atmosphere depending on the day of the week.
    Numerous varieties of appetizers that pair well with spirits are featured. Highly recommended, whether accompanied by friends or when drinking alone.